Peer Review

I am pretty new to the role of journal article referee. Recently I searched for tips and guidelines for peer reviewing, and I sure did find a lot of information.  I’ve compiled a list of helpful links below.  While some of the links are subject specific, I think that each link contains useful tips for anyone looking to improve their reviewing (myself included).

How Tos

This link provides motivating questions to ask yourself when reviewing a paper as well as a checklist for your final draft.  If you are overwhelmed with the idea of reviewing a paper, reading this could be a good place to start.

This link provides suggestions on both tone of the review (Do the quality of review that you wish others would do for you) and questions that can guide a new reviewer.

Here is a blog post on writing peer review that in addition to providing questions to consider when writing a review also explains why people who submit papers should also be involved in the process of peer review.

Here is a formal article in the journal Advances in Physiology Education on how to review a paper.

This link has (what I am now realizing is) standard advice on how to write a review, but also includes a section on ethics, and a section on “what the journals don’t tell you”.

Here 11 editors from the fields of sociology and organizational theory provide their suggestions for what makes a good review.

Different Perspectives & The Bigger Picture

Here is an editorial in Nature Medicine discussing the motivations that scientists have to participate as reviewers, and addresses how a journal can try to attract the best reviewers.

This is an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education describing what it is like to be a journal editor.  This provided a lot of insights for me, and it was great to get a different perspective on the review process.

This article in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine describes how peer review works.  If you are new to submitting papers this could be really helpful.

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