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Missing Data in Social Networks

Much of my research is on Social Networks, which are representations of how people, groups of people, or sometimes chimpanzees interact or are otherwise connected with each other. When analyzing social network data, as when analyzing any data, it is … Continue reading

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New Email Address

You know what this blog needs? Considerably more Patti LaBelle: I’m feeling good from my head to my shoes Know where I’m going and I know what to do I tidied up my point of view I got a new … Continue reading

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Gun Violence Data

After digging around the internet looking for data on gun violence for a few minutes,  I found Gun Violence Archive which has a ton of great information on gun violence in the US. You can search for incidents by date, location, … Continue reading

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Karate Club Network Club

My research focuses on social networks.  Social networks, at least as I deal with them, are representations of how people (or organizations, or animals) perceive or interact with each other.  These representations can take the form of  visualizations (see below for … Continue reading

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R Packages, easy as a delicious dessert

I have long wanted to write R packages.  But for some reason, I thought that I wasn’t capable of such a feat.  “R package authors are super stars, I’m just me,” I would think in a mix of despair and … Continue reading

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New paper about Random Walks and Edge Sampling

I feel like I am on a roll here.  Last month, my Bayesian paper (joint work with Krista Gile, Joseph Hogan, Nancy Barnett, and Crystal Linkletter) was published in Statistics in Medicine, and just today my RDS paper (which I worked … Continue reading

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New Publication in Statistics in Medicine

I’m happy to report that my article Bayesian Peer Calibration with Application to Alcohol Use has been published in Statistics in Medicine.  If you love Bayesian statistics, social networks, multi-level models, and boatloads of conjugate prior distributions (check out the … Continue reading

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An “Invitation” to Address World’s Leading Tech Conference or A Brief History of Biostatistics Ryan Gosling

I recently(ish) received an email inviting me to speak at the 2015 Web Summit.  How did this come to be?  Well let me give you the back story.

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An Open Relationship with R: Learning Python

I’ve decided that its time to learn Python.  While I feel very comfortable using R to scrape data from the internet, bring together different datasets, clean, analyze, and visualize data, there are a few things that R isn’t totally super … Continue reading

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My First Animated Gifs! (with R)

Ever since I found this tutorial yesterday, I have been so excited to be making animated gifs in R.  In fact, last night as I was laying my head upon my pillow, I almost couldn’t fall asleep because I kept thinking … Continue reading

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Fun with USGS Earthquake Data

I have been playing around with mapping data in R using the maps package.

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My Picks for JSM 2014

Here we are in the middle of the summer.  The humidity is reaching peak levels.  Offices are vacant as people venture out for their much awaited vacations.  And as hard it is for me to believe, JSM (Joint Statistical Meetings) 2014 is … Continue reading

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More about that please…

I was reading this article in the New York Times about the same sex marriage case in Michigan.  Nothing particularly remarkable was said until I got to this one-sentence paragraph: At times, the eight days of testimony resembled a droning … Continue reading

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The Stuff that Makes a Researcher

  Chad Topaz, a Math professor at Macalester College wrote an interesting blog entry on undergraduate research over at  Chad explains that many undergraduates tend to be unduly intimidated by Research: I think the view that research necessitates genius is … Continue reading

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Summer Math Program for Women Undergraduates at Carleton Are you a woman undergraduate who is interested in math? Do you know a woman undergraduate who is interested in math? Watch this video and learn about the amazing Summer Math Program at Carleton College. You can learn more … Continue reading

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The year is 2013… the International Year of Statistics.  Dr. Susan Murphy is a biostatistician working in causal inference at the University of Michigan.  And she is now a MacArthur Genius!  Congratulations to Dr. Murphy on being recognized for her … Continue reading

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Advice for new college students

Here’s some great advice from Smith College President Kathleen McCartney.  I absolutely agree.  Here she recounts a story from her days as an undergraduate at Tufts: I was a strong student when I entered college. I was good at “doing school.” … Continue reading

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A Sample of Stats Songs

There is something about statistics that inspires people to break into song and (sometimes) choreographed dance.  Here are a few videos of people who made the sound decision to video themselves doing just that:

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Emails to New Grad Students

Here it is July 22, 2013!  Unless the structure of time and/or the academic calendar has changed, that means that many thousands of people are about to embark on the wondrous adventure of graduate school in a mere month or … Continue reading

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Screwing Up the National Anthem

I just saw this NSFW (due to language) data visualization & analysis by Reuben Fischer-Baum of when singers of the United States’ national anthem first flub the lyrics based on 26 youtube videos. I slightly altered their graphic to make it … Continue reading

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Getting an edge on “battleship”

If you have youngsters in your life, you may have had the experience of playing different games of skill and chance with them.  And though you may be taller, have many more years of experience to draw from, and are … Continue reading

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Bald Associates

A recent meta-analysis in BMJ on the association between baldness and coronary heart disease has gotten a lot of press (see NYT and Boston Globe).  Looking at the comments section for these articles you can see that some readers are jokingly conflating this … Continue reading

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Graduate Student Statistics Teaching Inventory

Andrew Gelman’s blog links to this survey of graduate students’ experiences TA’ing or teaching statistics courses. If you fit the bill, consider filling it out. It only took me about 5 minutes and will add to research on statistics education. … Continue reading

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Capital Bikeshare Data Release

The Simply Statistics Blog‘s “Sunday Statistics Roundups” are always an interesting read.  These posts tend to bring together links about statistics in the news, contests, conferences, and also data sets.  This week’s roundup had a link to a really interesting data … Continue reading

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Tomorrow I head off to Orlando for ENAR where I will be presenting a poster on Sunday night. If you are at ENAR and are inclined, drop by my poster to say hi.

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  I am excited about attending the Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal for several reasons, but I am even more excited now.  Nate Silver of election predicting fame will be giving the President’s Invited Address.  

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Happy International Year of Statistics!  I am going to celebrate by analyzing social network data in my favorite cafe.

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Much Ado about the Null Set

What happens when a Mathematician and a Shakespeare scholar develop a course together?  Apparently, one possibility is Mathematics and What it Means to be Human, a course developed and taught by Dr. Manil Suri and Dr. Michele Osherow at UMBC.  The Chronicle of Higher Education is … Continue reading

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Projects Galore (Part 1) Ego-Networks of Women with Advanced Cancer

I am working on many projects with Dr. Melissa Clark.  Here is one project that is coming along nicely: We have access to data on women who have advanced cancer.  Each woman (the ego) was asked about the important people in … Continue reading

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Your Random Number Generator Dresses You Funny

I recently lead an intense course for incoming undergraduates who are going to concentrate in the sciences. I started the class by talking about sets, then moved into counting problems, followed by calculating probabilities, independence/dependence, unions & intersections, probability distributions, … Continue reading

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Extracurricular activity

I recently read in Inside Science that physicists had applied network analytic tools to discover whether three classic myths: Beowulf, the Iliad, and Tain Bo Cuailnge, were based in real life events (Here is the original article).    In a project that … Continue reading

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About that Header Image

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